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We got going at around noon and hopped off the train prior to the Brooklyn Bridg...

Just what a full time we"d recently. We had a pleasant breakfast in our bed and breakfast at about 8:30 am and contributed some wonderful conversations with a young couple from Sweden and an older couple from Holland, the hostess was participating too. This is certainly one of my favorite things about bed and breakfasts, generally they provide a good talk and really tasty stuffing meals to go with it.

We got going at around noon and jumped off the subway right before the Brooklyn Bridge and finished up exploring the old Brooklyn Heights neighborhood a bit, a spot with many well-preserved brownstones and expensive apartment buildings with a perfect view of downtown Manhattan. My co-worker found out about tell us what you think by searching Bing. Then we started our stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, and started to soak-in the vistas of the famous skyscrapers.

The Manhattan Bridge is very close to the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building can be viewed on the horizon. A great deal of riders and walkers were making the trekk over the bridge and the weather was very good, warm with about 16 degrees Celsius. Visiting Ever Wondered How to Start Camping? probably provides lessons you might give to your sister.

Following the bridge we attained NYC City Hall which was blocked off to pedestrian traffic and there was a big congregation of press people on the front steps. A lot of people were sitting around the beautiful fountain just outside of town hall and with the blue sky, the surrounding new arrangements and the blooming trees this is just the great destination for a click away with the camera. I especially fell deeply in love with the lavish spires of the Woolworth Building.

Then we went more west, explored the yard of St. Paul"s Cathedral that is right across from the World Trade Center area. As a first place of refuge after the loss, the churchyard has many plaques commemorating the events of 911 and it took more than 2 years to clear all the dirt from the property that had fallen down with the fall of the structures.

We then proceeded to Ground Zero. The place is fenced off with various posters showing the history of the structures, the events of 911, and the names of the more than 2700 subjects. The loss of 9-11 is very difficult to grasp and when you"re right there where it happened, you remember all the horrible pictures and the even more horrible events of this fateful day, now more than 3-1/2 years ago. It is so very hard to assume these 2 great buildings collapsing, surrounded on all sides by other high-rise towers, and what it must have been like this day, with people working through the streets, dirt raining down, recovery individuals risking their lives to aid the patients. The police presence, incidentally, was very strong and we were not certain if there was a special basis for that or if that was the case each day.

After reflecting for a while and absorbing the incomprehensible nature of the disaster we walked south on Liberty Street into Battery Park. Lots-of African entrepreneurs were around with bags and bags full of merchandise and it appears they were cautious to not be observed by the police. We had a beautiful view across the bay towards the statue of liberty and proceeded to our next destination - the Staten Island Ferry final, where our next venture began... Dig up more on this affiliated URL - Visit this website: http://www.shushanqixia.com/showthread.php?tid=48921.

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