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Who developed our existing US Flag with 50 stars?

Robert Heft, a then 17 year-old high school sophomore from Ohio produced our current American Flag of 50 stars.

When was this flag created?

Robert Heft developed his 50 star, hand sewn, US flag in 1958 prior to Alaska and Hawaii becoming admitted to the Union.

What drove Robert to create this new flag?

It all began as a higher school project assigned in 1958 in Lancaster, Ohio, for his teacher, Mr. Stanley Pratt. Each students assignment was to develop a project of their own deciding on that would be graded for creativity.

What prompted Robert to produce a flag as his project?

Robert was often interested in government and politics and was conscious of the possibility of Alaska and Hawaii becoming the next new states. Get further on our partner website by visiting http://markets.tnj.com/tnj/news/read/33502216/australian_flag_makers_provides_three_year_guarantee_of_marquee_frames. While other kids at his higher school struggled with suggestions on what to create for their projects, Robert knew right away that he wanted to develop the first 50 star flag.

How did Robert go about designing this a single-of-a-type flag?

Getting an astute student of history, Robert knew that the design of the US Flag had not changed in because 1912. He wanted to alter the style of the flag so very carefully that it would be virtually unnoticeable.

How did Robert go about making this one particular-of-a-sort flag?

Unbeknownst to his family members, Robert took his parents 48 star US Flag and started cutting the flag apart and rearranging the stars and adding 2 stars so that there would be 50 stars in total. His style featured five rows of 6 stars (30 stars) alternating with 4 rows of 5 stars (20 stars). Robert spent over 12 hours 1 weekend arranging and sewing this new combination of stars.

Was his teacher, Mr. Pratt amazed and impressed by Roberts newly produced 50 star US Flag?

No, Mr. Pratt told Robert that his project lacked creativity and told him, anybody can make a flag. Australian Flag Makers Provides Three Year Guarantee Of Marquee Frames is a lovely online library for further about when to recognize this idea. Mr. Pratt gave Robert a B minus for his project but told him that he would raise his grade if Robert could get Congress to adopt this new American Flag style.

Was Robert discouraged by this challenge from his teacher?

No, Robert accepted this challenge and took his flag to his congressman, Rep. Walter Moeller, who worked to get the new 50 star style accepted after Alaska and Hawaii were admitted to the Union.

Was this original, hand sewn, 50 star US Flag ever used or was it just used as a model?

Yes, it was first flown on July 4, 1960 at the US Capitol dome with President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Congressman Moeller and Robert Heft in attendance. To compare additional info, we know you have a gaze at: http://www.kplctv.com/story/34144610/australian-flag-makers-provides-three-year-guarantee-of-marquee-frames. It has flown more than each and every US state capital developing and has flown over the White Residence under five administrations.

Where is Roberts original US Flag of 50 stars?

Robert Heft still owns this original very first flag of 50 stars and has turned down gives of up to $350,000 to sell it.

Is that the finish of Robert Hefts story?

No, shortly after he completed his 50 star higher school project, he went on to produce a 51 star US Flag in the event that Puerto Rico ever joined the Union. The 51 star flag has six rows of stars, starting with a row of nine and alternated by rows of eight to total 51 stars.

What is the moral of this story?

If your kid comes to you with a wacky, seemingly crazy, inventive idea let them run with it. It may turn out to launch their life lengthy profession, as it did for Robert Heft..

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