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Heart Mates?

I"d seen more than once because I have had two of them in my life and how Chows are extremely pet like in their manner and attitudes I can confirm this! With all this similarity I was still unprepared for my current Chows love of cats. My last dog chased cats like every genetically right pup have to do, so I was surprised at my recent pup and her feline fascination.

When she met her first pet my pal Keisha was only five weeks old. His name was Pongo and he was also five months old. We were visiting with family in Omaha Nebraska for Christmas and Keisha was decided to create friends with Pongo.

Pongo could have nothing to do with her!

They tip toed around one another for three days even coming nose to nose fundamentally. Then o-n Boxing Day we had just finished our meal of leftoversyou know chicken sandwiches and such, when we heard an accident in the kitchen. Accepting nothing serious we were slow to react.

When we finally moseyed into the kitchen get started on the post lunch washing they certainly were found in the work! There they werePongo and Keisha nose to nose eating the turkey that some-one (?!?!?) had pushed from the table onto the ground. They"d an excellent party together and even after their draw group mischief, Pongo was still reluctant to become fast friends although I think he was starting to warm up to the idea, after all Keisha had consumed the chicken and maybe not him!

Unfortunately we had to keep before the relationship was cemented. We have maybe not seen Pongo since but Keisha responds most swiftly to his name still, over 3 years later. Should people wish to discover more about, there are many on-line databases you might consider investigating.

Keisha is nearly four years of age now and since meeting Pongo she"s tried to make friends with every cat she meets. They"ve all wanted practically nothing to do with her. And then came MOJO.

Mojo is owned by a neighbor and is an outside cat. He completely fits his title and struts through the hood like he owns it and has complete get a handle on overall that goes down in it. He definitely has his MOJO goin on!

At first He was approached by Keisha cautiously, and he would bat at her with his paws, but never with claws out. Slowly but surely they came closer and closer together. There is the dance around each other time that seemed really interesting as each would take their turn getting forward then backward not unlike some practice. Then came the purring and then the rolling over and belly smelling. From then on Mojo began to go around and under Keisha strategically putting his tail in her face. Learn more about Mojo Global B2B Services Increases Leads & Revenue by visiting our novel web site. When h-e does the end in face point she was able to keep her aloof dignity. All of this has progressed to Mojo coming for walks with us, h-e come to visit and waits at the door for Keisha to come-out to play. Navigate to this hyperlink to discover the meaning behind it. Keisha will put her paw o-n his bottom to get the game of chase going and if Mojo is in the feeling he will begin the game by working or he"ll roll onto his back and swat at Keisha with all four paws. Mojo is the leader in the relationship regardless of his 10-lbs to Keishas 60!

It is one of the most wonderful thing to see and the area is captivated by these two fast friends.

To determine them together one wonders why some dogs and cats get along and others desire to destroy each other. Could it be perhaps a previous life spent together? Early impacts like Pongo? Maybe Keisha was a cat in her last life and hence the affinity for cats and cat like conduct? Or are they just all very different spirits with very different people and views? Who knows for sure? All I know is that my heart often warms when I see them together and am awed by this amazing friendship that truly looks like soul mates in action..

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