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AS SEEN ON OPRAH - EARN HUGE virtually free only $7

I gave it a take to, hello its only $7, I thought at least 6 people would answer out of the MILLIONS of people that use the web.

You should give it a try too!

You have nothing to lose, and a great deal to get!

A while straight back, I was going through some interesting provides, the same as you"re now and came across a write-up related to this that said you can make hundreds pounds within months with only an initial investment of $7.00!

So I thought, "Yeah, right, it have to be a fraud",

but like the majority of of us,I was interested, so I kept reading.

Anyhow, it said that you send $1.00 though paypal to all the emails stated in this article.

You then place your own email in the base of the list at..7, and post the article in at least 200 news groups. To compare more, people may check-out: packetshorts98 :: COLOURlovers. (There are a lot)

Therefore after contemplating it, I went ahead trying it.

I thought what"ve I got to get rid of except $7.00 little pounds, right?

Like most of us I was a little cynical and a little worried about the legal aspects of it.

It follows the same rules since the "mailed chainletters, which in line with the U.S. Postoffice (1-800-725-2161) is certainly legal!

Then I spent the measly $7.00.

Well THINK WHAT!! ??

Within days, I started getting money in my paypal consideration!

I was shocked!

I figured it"d end soon, but the amount of money just kept coming in.

This is now my fourth week and I have built a total of just over $24,641.00 and it is still coming in rapidly.

It"s Certainly worth $7.00.

Allow me to tell you how this works and most importantly, why it works?


You"ll want a confirmed paypal account.

If you don"t have an account you can head to

and get yourself a free account.

Because it doesn"t limit you to the amount of cash I"d suggest signing up for a company account you could get.

Example: having a Personal account you"re limited by withdrawing $500.00 a month and getting $500.00 a month.

And trust in me you"ll be getting significantly more than $500.00 per month!

Like i mentoined before In order to place the $7 in to your account, you"ll need to verify your bank account with paypal (which may take a couple of days).


Deliver, through paypal, $1.00 to each e-mail o-n the below list. Make the topic of the fee "Email List" and in the remarks, create "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST." What you are doing is making a service by this and best of all you"re maybe not giving your address to anybody... I discovered intangible by searching books in the library. THIS IS DEFINITELY APPROPRIATE!

The e-mail list:

No 1) blank

No 2)

No 3)

Number 4)

# 5)

No 6)

# 7)


Now take the..1 email off the record that you see above, go the other addresses up (eg- 6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4, etc) and increase YOUR email

address (the one used on the paypal bill) as no 7 on the record.


Change whatever you have to, but attempt to keep this article as close to original as possible. Today, post your revised report to a minimum of 200 newsgroups, forums. (I think there are close to 32,000 communities)

All you need is 200, but remember, the more you post, the more money you make - along with everyone on the list! NO single person results you all do!

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