Galaxy Panels commercializes high gloss MDF panels

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Galaxy Panels is an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria that provides customers high gloss panels. It is important to mention from the very beginning that the company only services clients from Victoria. Although the sincere intention of the company is to expand operations in the near future, at present they only service clients coming from Melbourne or nearby regions. Another thing worth mentioning here is the fact that Galaxy Panels caters to the needs of the wholesale market, which means that they cannot be considered retailers per se. The company sells goods to industrial, commercial, institutional or other professional businesses. Even though the basic consumer has the opportunity to purchase high gloss MDF panels, they are not the main target.

The white high gloss panels offered by Galaxy Panels feature a consistent finish which makes them easy to clean. Even though the material is not the most commonly used, the buyer eliminates an effort. All that is necessary in order to clean these products is warm water and a soft cloth. The goods commercialised by the company are suitable for a diverse range of applications, including residential and commercial spaces. They ensure a consistent appearance to drawer fronts, kitchen cabinet doors, partitions, wardrobes, etc. The high gloss kitchen cabinets material can be used as a replacement to tiles and the customer is provided the possibility of choosing between various ranges that instantly create an emphatic contrast. The products feature high gloss finish in colours like primary red, café harmony or caramel swirl. Even if the range of colours is not impressive, the piece of material creates an elegant finish, a feature that most people are looking for.

Another characteristic of the products commercialised by the company is the fact that they are highly practical. They will significantly reduce construction costs and it is important to point out that the goods offered by Galaxy Panels are durable as well. This means that cracking and chipping will not be an issue for high gloss doors material. They are resistant to UV light as well as water, being a good choice for wet areas. In the process of coating technology, the company uses the latest finish. Paint and high gloss lacquer are applied simultaneously in order to ensure an uninterrupted sheen. The sections receive an edge treatment that seals the material and makes it appropriate for various applications.

Customers who are interested in what Galaxy Panels has to offer should visit the website of the company. The online page is fairly easy to navigate and the buyer has the chance to analyse the range of product from the comfort of home. When deciding to make a purchase, the buyer will be provided the full support of an independent distributor. Clients who still have questions regarding the products of the wholesaler have the opportunity to contact the company on their website. Anyone can leave a written message and implicitly get more information. Besides submitting an inquiry, it is possible to contact the wholesaler via telephone.