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Ir a la navegación Ir a la búsqueda is an online platform that was created for educational purposes. To be more precise, the educational blog makes available information on various topics and subjects relating to accounting, economics, finance, gadgets, and personal development. The site has posts on any and every topic. Users are provided the opportunity to find relevant information and ideas, but they cannot communicate with each other. What they can do instead is learn how to write business plan or how to value their money. The site shares study notes as well as research, which is the reason why it is a great online resource. The online tutorial provides the following types of materials: logos, graphics, names, intellectual notes, etc. they can be used for self-study, presentations and personal development.

What makes GemAnalyst stand out from the many existing educational blogs is the fact that it originated in the desire of the authors to leave an impression in their field of study and provide assistance to students who are struggling to those who want to master such disciplines. The authors who regularly publish on the informative site possess academic and professional experience, so they master the topics that they write about. For instance, they what should and what should not be included when writing personal statements. The point is that the blog is maintained with the purpose of providing relevant information to those in need.

Tolulope Sanni is the Editor-in-Chief of the website. Tolulope has been working since June 2016 as an investment-banking analyst at United Capital Plc, a bulge bracket investment banking company. His responsibilities included examining industry research, building financial valuation models and producing presentation investment models. In terms of previous experience, it is worth mentioning his position as a financial analyst at a pension fund administrator, more precisely at Crusader Sterling Pensions Ltd. When Tolulope gives advice on becoming an investment banker, he does so based on his personal experience. The tutorials that he makes available are free.

Tolulope Sanni posts on GemAnalyst so as to record his own personal life and share his experience. What he mostly talks about is how he made the transition from working in an accounting background to a financial, investment academic and analyst. What he mostly does is read a number of educational materials, summarize their contents and simplify them. The result, in other words the short statement of main point, is uploaded on the site so that visitors can take advantage of it. The online resource mainly addresses those who wish to jumpstart their careers and do not know how to write a business plan or which the best premium Wordpress themes are.

To conclude, GemAnalyst is an educational blog that was set up in order to promote learning and give users the possibility to take control of their lives. The online tutorial makes available notes and information on a multitude of topics with the goal of helping visitors have a better understanding. What is more, the online platform stands by visitors make informed decisions.