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Globalia Logistics Network is a framework which was created with the intent of helping small companies in the freight forwarding domain enter the market and compete against the bigger fish in the sea. It is commonly known that in the case of marine transportation for instance, certain international companies have managed to corner the market, thus making almost impossible for smaller companies to make their way through the market, but with the aid of this international freight forwarding network, things can become easier and more accessible.

Freight Forwarders Network Solutions Ireland is the one that operates the Globalia network and it is a LLC registered in Limerick, Ireland and with Antonio Torres as the founder and the managing director of the company. It operates in both air and sea transportation and it is a global alliance of professional and experienced freight forwarders that are dispersed in each major seaport or airport city across the globe.

Those who are interested in joining this network should know that they have to meet certain requirements. It is worth mentioning from the very beginning that this network is not looking for the biggest global freight forwarders, but rather for those that can prove to be professional, reliable and solvent companies that also have clear and good credit history and significant business volume. It is also important for the one applying for the membership to have vast knowledge of the local market and what matters the most, to be ready to embrace new business opportunities.

Potential members of Globalia Logistics Network should also know that there is a list of available territories and the respective fees for each of them on the network’s site that can be consulted at any hour day or night, which can be of great help to see what business opportunities they may have if joining this alliance.

Within two or three days from submitting the membership application, the company will be informed regarding whether or not it has met the network’s selection criteria and in case the answer is yes, the company can proceed to the second stage of the process. This implies that a third party auditor, Dun And Bradstreet will audit the specific company at Globalia’s expense and in case the application is approved by the auditor, the company will then receive an acceptance letter.
When it comes to the membership period of any worldwide freight forwarding member of the network, it is important to remember that it is automatically renewed every year, unless the company does not want to renew the membership anymore due to various reasons.

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the Globalia Logistics Network is that it also organizes an annual meeting, where all freight forwarders from all over the world are invited in order to exchange opinions or business ideas that could help each of them develop their own businesses. As a result, it is recommended attending these annual meetings, which are organized each year in a different country in order to give as many freight forwarders and companies as possible the chance to participate.