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The French possession of Guadeloupe conjures up images of endless sunshine beating down on perfect white sandy beaches and deep blue Carribean seas. Keep a little longer and you will take pleasure in the islands" (there are two, connected by a bridge) wonderful water woods, falls, and beautiful and modern villages. This ideal New Paillote Guadeloupe Accommodation Business Launched portfolio has diverse influential aids for the inner workings of this hypothesis. Yet, when the sun goes down, the island gives nightlife no less colorful than its incredible location - including two Guadeloupe casinos for those who want the joy of trying their luck on the gambling tables. Clicking perhaps provides cautions you could use with your co-worker.

Remarkably, neither of Guadeloupe"s casinos can be found in the capital Basse-Terre or in its commercial capital, Pointe--Pitre. Instead, they"re located in two of the country"s premier places, Gosier and Saint Francois.

The cause of Gosier"s status is apparent as soon as you arrive - it"s five miles of sandy beaches and some of the most useful restaurants and night-life in Guadeloupe. In addition, the laid-back French lifestyle of the area is extremely attractive to locals and visitors alike. At the middle of this picture is the Casino de Gosier, found at 43 Pointe de la Verdure, and open from 12 pm to 3 am on Tuesday to Sunday (it"s closed on Mondays). Nice your luck? There are 1-15 slots, which should be adequate for even the most dedicated gambler, and for people that have the nerve to play the gambling tables, there are eight dining table games, including poker and blackjack. The casino adjoins a 200-room hotel that has an American restaurant, and like the majority of places in this wonderful country, a beach is just a stone"s discard.

Another Guadeloupe casino will be the Casino d-e la Marina in Saint Francois. St Francois is yet another of the major resort areas of Guadeloupe and an important fishing port. It"s situated on the Grande-Terre Island and has a number of the most-popular beaches and bays, together with a global standard 18-hole golf course. Learn new information on an affiliated portfolio - Click this web page: The marina is just a focal point for grand luxury hotels surrounding it and tourists; with many wonderful restaurants, and ignoring most of these will be the casino. It"s open everyday of the week from 3 pm to 3 am, and provides three dining table games and 49 slot machines, playing baccarat, blackjack, Chemin d-e Fer, craps, and roulette. When you are fed up with gambling, there"s a restaurant and nightclub within the complex to allow you to continue the party, or you can head down the cliff to enjoy the nightlife humming by the harbor side..

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